Two Small Ferrero Rocher Hearts


One heart not sweet enough for you? Don't worry we have the option of Two Small Ferrero Rocher Hearts holding over 200 chocolates!

The 14 tiers on each heart can hold a combined 240 Ferrero Rochers, perfect for those small to medium sized occasions! Our stands have been manufactured so they can also be used to display not just Ferrero Rochers but any wrapped chocolates!

The small hearts are perfectly symmetrical and finished in a Ferrero Rocher chocolate brown for that perfect match. Not a fan of gold, don't worry we also offer a range of different coloured Rochers on request to match your colour scheme!

Colours are subject to availability and may attract an additional fee: Purple, Red, Blue, Silver, Brown, White, Green, Orange and Black.

14 tiers (Each Heart)


Each: 16"(h) x 18"(w) x 12"(d)

Ferrero Rocher Capacity: 

Approx 240 Ferrero Rochers

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