Wireless Uplighting Package


Uplighting is something we don't even think about at an event, but actually this has one of the biggest impacts on the visual aspects of a function. Always wondered why some weddings and corporate events look extravagant and expensive, look again it's usually down to the lighting!

Nothing shows off the feature areas of your event better than carefully placed mood & uplighting. Using the latest technology we realise that the finer details are sometimes the most important.

Scene My Event uplighters are completely wireless, battery powered LEDs. This enables them to be placed pretty much anywhere at your event to add that extra glow and enhance the feature areas. Each unit has an incorporated adjustable kickstand so they can be stood and angled however you'd like. All units are programmed so they are in perfect colour synchronisation throughout your event.

Battery powered, Battery life 10 hours


Each Unit: 7.5"(h) x 6"(w) x 6"(d)

select the number of units from the drop down box above

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