White LED Dance Floor

Our White LED Dance Floor comes in a range of sizes to suit your occasion and venue. We know how important it is for the artists and DJ to look the part when the afterparty starts and an LED Dance Floor is now an essential piece of the entertainment package. 

Scene My Event have once again looked at how they can make your event stand out from the crowd - we've taken LED dance floors to the next level! Our dance floors have been manufactured with interchangeable coloured panels, so now you don't just have to settle for a black or white LED dance floor(unless thats what you want!). 

Feel free to choose from our impressive range of different coloured and sized LED Dance Floors.

Mains powered


Range: 12ft - 18ft

Dance Floor Capacities

12x12ft (3.7x3.7m) - Approx. 80 guests and 40 dancers

14x14ft (4.3x4.3m) - Approx. 120 guests and 55 dancers

16x16ft (4.9x4.9m) - Approx. 175 guests and 80 dancers

18x18ft (5.5x5.5m) - Approx. 210 guests and 100 dancers

20x20ft (6.1x6.1m) - Approx. 250 guests and 125 dancers

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